Academic year 2010-11




 As always the saying goes, Music is an art form that transcends language. It speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and heart and flows from heaven to the soul. Our own English high school, Sharjah had again made this experience come alive through the musical extravaganza – Swaralaya. This musical fiesta was an exhibition of the innate musical talents of the students.


The programme commenced on 30th July 2010 with the welcome address by our Head Mistress Mrs.Asma Gilani, who has always been a guiding star throughout the strenuous enterprises. Mrs.Asma spoke about nurturing students’ talents and creativity. She appreciated the zealous spirit and immense participation shown by the budding artists of our school. It was a show where the participants manifested their vocal skills in western, light and classical music. The highlight of Swaralaya was the distinguished team of judges, Mrs. Laxmi Kameswari – a passionate singer with performances far and wide, Mrs.Nirmala Subramonian – a veena artist with great musical knowledge, Mr.Venkat Das – an exceptional singer with 24 musical albums to his credit, Mr. Solomon Raja – a fantastic keyboard, guitar and drums teacher and Mr. Auxilio Dsouza – an excellent vocalist and guitarist.                                


The participants were allotted the time limit of 3- 4 mins for each category and were allowed to use a shruthi box as an accompaniment for classical music. With their melodious voice, the students enchanted the mind and heart of the judges as well as that of the audience. As truly the judges considered it an exerting exercise to asses the participants as all performed to their best.


Before arriving to the most exciting event of the day – the announcement of prize winners, the judges – Mrs. Nirmala Subramonian and Mr. Auxilio Dsouza    shared their views about the programme and inspired the students to achieve greater heights in the years to come. Approaching to the finale of Swaralaya, Mr.Venkat entertained the gathering with an amusing piece of melody, which was immediately followed by prize distribution. Shanice Miranda (7I) and Neema Joseph (8J) bagged the first and second prize for western music. The light music winners were Aishwarya Nair (8C) and Nithia Mary (7J). The winners for classical music, Akshata Rao (8J) and Aishwarya Chidambaram (8B) won the first and second prize. There was great round of applause from the judges and the cheering audience.


Swaralaya came to an end with the vote of thanks proposed by Dana Dsouza who helped in the conduction of audition as the coordinator. Swaralaya had left an everlasting impression indicating its continuous success into the future.