Academic year 2010-11

To mold a future generation with nerves of steel and will of iron, Our Own English High School, Sharjah initiated a unique program PULSE into the curriculum of the middle school. PULSE- Personal and Universal Life Skill Education is framed to equip the students with practical knowledge and blissful wisdom. 

 The inauguration of PULSE was held on 11th December 2010 at 9 a.m. in the school auditorium. The occasion was graced by none other than Dr. Zulekha  Daud, founder member of Zulekha Hospital , Dr.Kannan  and Dr.Guru Rao, Ras Al Khaima College of Medical Science. 

 In the inaugural address Dr.Aninda Chatterji, stressed the importance of chiseling to perfection the young minds, to meet the demands of life. Education is not only acquiring knowledge but also making life worth living every single minute. The school is all set to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the students and there by bring a desirable change in the society.


Dr.Guru Rao, the guest speaker of the day, harped on the need for a comprehensive personality growth. He exhorted the young people to activate themselves for self analysis,  self reflection and self criticism- vital components to weaken the weakness and strengthen the strength.
Dr.Zulekha Daud shared her awe inspiring story which also happened to be the history of the UAE. Ferried to Dubai from Nagpur in the sixties, she navigated through the length and breadth of the country giving assistance to ailing people. Within a span of forty years she became a beacon of hope and the most powerful woman in the UAE. The chance to peep into the life of a living legend has sure given wings to the dreams of the young lives.

 After the brief function the students of grade 8 were divided into four groups for a practical session with the doctors. The doctors explained in detail how life could be saved with a minimum knowledge of first aid. CPR- Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation – or how the heart and brain could be revived from sudden inactivity was enthusiastically taken up by the students. The one hour long session has deeply motivated them and they are sure to display unrelenting courage in facing the vagaries of life.