Academic year 2010-11



Children need models rather than critics—Joseph Joubert.

Teachers are always models when they teach; students not only hear what they say but also see what they do. As teachers they should be sure that they model for students, the constant focus on learning.

No single teaching method can be a method of choice for all occasions. Students' instructional needs change as their expertise develops. At any given time the curriculum content and the learning activities designed should be challenging, interesting and informative. Instructions should focus on the zone of proximal development, which is the range of knowledge and skills that students are not ready to acquire on their own.

Keeping the above factors in mind, the Middle –School Grades 7&8, teachers plan out various activities for preparing the students to the changing world. With the advancement of technology the need of the society has changed. This academic year will be very special for the department as we plan to showcase the activities of our children on the website.

We are glad that we will be sharing some our exciting fun-filled activities through podcast, vodcast and images with you.  The department would like the teachers and students to see how technology opens up new avenues for communication, interaction and learning.

With the year staring off with Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation, we are confident that, teachers will become students of students and help the early teens to become creative, innovative and inventive .

By integrating technology into the teaching and learning process , we wish to mould our students into collaborative learners, self-managers and effective participators, so that they   evolve as successful learners to meet the varying demands of the society.

Looking forward to having a great year.


M.Sheela Anand

Academic Supervisor

Middle-School(Grade 7&8)