Academic year 2010-11

English Week Celebration

The Middle School section of Our Own English High School, Sharjah once again asserted the importance of English through the celebration of English Week! Starting the special assembly with a skit ‘The Reality Show’ prepared by the English Department the week long festivity progressed. The Creative Writing competition and Slogan Writing competition held House wise saw enthusiastic participation of students.


Sophia Pervez of Grade 8 B (Neptune House) won the first place in Creative Writing Competition. The second place was bagged by Ann Eapen of Grade 8 C (Saturn House) and third place was won by Glaris lancia of Grade7 I (Jupiter House).The three consolation prices were bagged by Yohanna Sam Mathew (8I) Shwetha Dhyani (7B) and Soumya M.Sabu (8F) respectively.


The Jupiter House of class 8 A came first in the Slogan Writing Competition followed by Mars House 8 J and Saturn House 7 J sharing the second place. The Neptune House of 8F came fourth.

As if to invoke the bards of literature, in the Elocution competition the lines immortalized by them were recited with ease and poise.


In this category the first place was won by Richa Rebecca Thomas of 7I. The second place was shared by Priscilla Fischer of 7 K and Akshatha Rao of 8J. The third place was won by Prathibha Sharma of 7 K.Ann Susan Philip of 8 H won the first consolation prize and second consolation was shared by Akshata Rao of 8J and Suha Abooty of 8E.


 Extempore literally challenged the participants to think on their feet and deliver impromptu. The speakers who bagged the first, second and third positions were Danielle Pereira of 7J, Tasmiya of 8D, and Maria Sophy Sibi of 8I respectively. The consolation prizes were won by Shanice Miranda of 7I, Haripriya Surya Kumar7E, Aparna Anandan 7E and Saba Kushum Devi of 7J.


 The concluding day was made special by each class performing their own unique assembly in the class with Debate, English Quiz, Slide presentation, Skit etc. In short it became a week to remember and rejoice.